Friday, August 14, 2015

08. Types of Cyber Stalkers

I. Rejected Stalkers:

They attempt to reverse separation or termination of a relationship. They feel angry and seeking revenge as they are not able to reconcile with the victim .

II. Resentful Stalkers:

This person knows what they are doing is wrong but continues to fulfill a distorted vendetta to create Fear and distress in victim. The stalker believes the victim deserves and requires being frightened because they have caused them and/or others anguish and distress. Most young people engage in this type of harresment.

III. Intimacy Seekers:

This stalker simply wants to engage in a loving relationship with them. They think victim as their soulmate destined to be together. They harass celebrities and public figures and blinded by perceptions of a destined love. They dont see the distress and fear caused to the victim.

IV. Incompetent Suitors:

They are type of Intimacy Seekers who communicate with the victim gradually in order to become a couple one day. They think they are entitled and/or deserving a loving relationship with the victim. They are soft and gradual in contacts with the victim.

V. Predatory Stalkers:

This is the most dangerous and determined stalker. They are motivated by a perverted sexual need with no feeling for love. They device plans to meet the victim isolated. If possible harm, blackmail or threten to expose nude pictures etc. They present them as “unfortunate souls looking for love.” Most of them have psychological issues to sexually dominate their victim(s).

VI: Racketeer Stalkers:

They are fake personality make friends online presenting them as some kind of professionals. Offer to do business together. They even meet and spend money and drag the victim into major raket. Most people do not report them so that they can go on. Their main purpose is financial gain. Sometimes they operate as a group.

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