Friday, August 14, 2015

16. Social Network Rules

Facebook Manners

Do not Ask a stranger to become your friend without a proper self introduction and reason.

Do not become a friend of a stranger, you may be falling for a stalker and theten your friends privacy too. The stalker will reach a friend of yours presenting as a friend of yours.

Do not Pester your friends to join a fan page,
group can cause annoyance. Send the invitation once. If they don't accept, drop it.

Posting uncomplimentary pictures of friends and tagging them can lead to problems. Employers and police officers have been known to review social networking sites. Do you want to be responsible for a buddy losing a job opportunity?

Accepting every friend request isn't necessary. Some people are selective about who they want viewing their personal information. If you're worried about rejecting someone, leave the request alone. You may learn more about the person later and decide to accept the request.

Linking your Facebook account to your Twitter account can be tricky. If you're not careful, you may spam your friends' news feed with too many messages.


Learning Twitter's slang and tags is recommendable. The more you understand how to properly use them, the less you'll embarrass yourself.

Repeatedly requesting to have your information retweeted is annoying. If your followers find your content interesting and relevant, they will retweet it.

Keep your comments relevant and criticize constructively to avoid flame wars at Blogs, forums, and social news sites.

LinkedIn Manners

Asking strangers to connect with you just so you can tap into their list of connections is a questionable tactic. If you feel strongly about connecting with a stranger, take the time to write a message indicating the reason why.

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