Friday, August 14, 2015

29. How to guess fake accounts

1. Look for photos in the profile. If there is only one photo suspect it for a facke. 2. Look for status updates,wall posts and comments.If the user hasn’t been active for quite a long time the profile is likely to be fake. 3. Look at the recent activities.If the user has not joined a group or liked a page and has been making new friends suggests that the profile clould be fake. 4. Check the friend list. If more friends found of the opposite gender, the profile could be fake and used for either for for for random dating. 5. Check the info. If found that there is no ideal links given regarding school or education institutions or workplace it shows signs of fakeness. 6. Check the birthdate.Birth dates like 1/1/XX…..or……31/12/XX are quite easy to type in. 7. Look out for recent wall posts, see if there are comments from people who know the person. 8. If you suspect a fake profile, search the profile picture on google

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