Saturday, August 15, 2015

61. They will steal your money in the bank

Randima is a doctor. He has an account with National Bank
He received following email
Subject: New Internet Banking Features

Dear Customer,
National Bank is always add new services to satisfy customers.
Our Internet Banking system added more features for you.
Internet banking Please click the following link and feel the difference.

Best regards
National Bank Team.

He clicked the link and entered his userid and password.
He was taken to a page in National Bank which said invalid password

What actually happens is , that he visited a URL which is almost similar National Bank.Only one letter is different. The web looked exactly like his banks. He entered his user id and password. The false website captured his password redirected to real website. In one hour all his money is gone.
The website and email sender is gone.

When you get an email like this

• Do not click the link
• Do not forward it to anyone
• Inform your bank, you are not the only one they target
• Inform authorities about this matter

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