Friday, August 14, 2015

12. How to respond Cyber Harrasment

Responding to cyber harassment can range from a simple message to a legal action. When it involves young people both victim and predator the responding is sensitive to their life.  Handle it with care and step wise approach.

Be careful when you make stranger friends online. They may not be what they pose to be. Tell the person not to make contact again. Unfriend the person. Report content or profile the Facebook

Inform your friends, parents and teachers. If you know the person they can intervene and advise you what to do.

Save all communications for evidence. Do not alter them in any way. Keep electronic copies, not just print-outs.

Save any information that suggests a violent threat and contact law enforcement.

If the harassment continues, contact the harasser's Internet service provider.

When contacting police, provide specific details such as any tangible evidence you've collected. In cases of a serious threat, police can refer the matter to state authorities for investigation. The stalker may be prosecuted in court. If the target is afraid to act, find help through other resources,

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