Friday, August 14, 2015

23. Bullying can happen anywhere

There are no differences in rates of bullying for urban, suburban, or rural communities. Bullying happen more often in larger schools but the overall percentage of students being bullied does not vary based on school size.  Boys and girls are just as likely to be involved in bullying, Some research has found that girls are more likely to bully others socially.

A photo taken of a school bus when a small boy was crying, was instantly uploaded to Facebook by another student. The photo was funny and went viral. The little boy refused to go school. The parents had to enroll him into another school, but his suffering continued long time. If one does not have high self-esteem, it is easy for them to less of themselves because of what the bully has said or done. This negative self-evaluation can affect all areas of life. Bullies are insecure people who do not feel so good about themselves, and they get a false sense of strength by overpowering others. Arguing with a bully usually only brings on more insults.

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