Saturday, August 15, 2015

32. What do they see about you on facebook

Do you know what others can see about you when you create a Facebook profile ?
Your profile : You can set what information to show and to whom
If you want to see your profile as others see, use View As on a computer.
you can manage what’s included in the above section of your profile.
Choose Manage Sections of the menu in the upper right corner of the Above section.
Uncheck sections that you want to hide.

Your Timeline will show all posts you shared.
You can control how others see your timeline.
Select Timeline and Tagging on right corner of the top bar for timeline settings.You can decide who are allowed to post on your Timeline.

Go to your settings and select Timeline and Tagging, select Who can post on your Timeline? and options.You can decide whether you want to review posts by others before they appear on your Timeline.

People can follow you, even if they are not your friends. Your followers can  comment on your public posts. You can control who follows you and comment Followers section, in security settings.

Every time you post a status update, photo or video, you can choose who can see it.
You can delete your posts at anytime as well as reschedule them. You can set who will see your posts and who will not.

You can change the privacy settings for each status update, photo and video that you post.
When you post a photo, you can choose the audience using the menu at the top of your post.
You can set it to public, friends or close friends.

If you have created friend lists , they will appear here. You can also hide a post by choosing Hide from Timeline.Then people will not see it in your Timeline but still show up in search and other places  it's shared.

If you don't like a post from a friend hide it as well as unfriend him/her
If the friend is continuously posting annoying stuff, I suggest to unfriend because people who visit your page may think you appreciate poor content.

If you like to create a list of friends for your post . Go to friends section and click on and create a list.

Go to your Timeline, find the post. Use the menu in the upper right corner and select Delete. later on if you decide that you don't want other people to see it you can delete it.

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