Saturday, August 15, 2015

59. Don't trust emails

Story 1
Saman is businessman travelling all around the world.
His friend Sagari received following email and wire transferred money to help Samantha not knowing it as a scam. She lost her money. What actually happened was that a hacker, hacked into Saman's email acclount and sent following email to everyone in the contact list.


Subject: “Sagari I need a big favor”
Hi Sagari,
Currently I am in America and I am facing a big problem.
I lost my valet last night. I  had  all my credit cards and money in it.
I can't pay my hotel bill and need your help to come back to Sri Lanka.
Please send me 1000 dollars to this accounts
Your help would be much appreciated.
Here is the bank account number of hotel manager
Name: Rolland Whitkins
Account Number: 4080567467
Bank: London Bridge Bank

Best Regards
Saman .

Will you be fooled to send money, if you receive a letter like this?

• Do not reply to this e-mail
• Do not send any of your personal details
• Do not transfer any money to mentioned account
• Inform authorities about this matter

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