Saturday, August 15, 2015

39. How to keep your account secure ?

Follow these rules to help protect your account
Use strong password to make sure you can log into your account - and help keep other people out.

Don't use same password that you use on other sites. It might be helpful for for hackers to enter your accounts.

Don't share your password with anyone. If you suspect that someone knows your password change it soon.To change password, go to More. Go to your Settings and tap General. Tap Password.Give your current password and new password twice. Tap Change.
Strongest passwords should contain more than 7 characters. It should contain numbers, capital letters and symbols.
Don't use names or numbers can be guessed easily . if you get notified about account changes, someone may have tried to log into your account or you may have been hacked.Facebook keeps tracking activity on your account that looks suspicious, and alert you. You can set facebook to send login alters to your phone or email
Go to More and tap Settings. Goto Security Settings, Tap Login Alerts Choose how you'd like to receive your alert: on Facebook, email or text When you get a login alert, if it is not you logged in immediately change your password.
Tap This Wasn't Me
Tap Check Recent Activity
Change your password and Tap next
If you notice changes that weren't made by you, tap the arrow and select Delete.

Then tap Next to continue.

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