Friday, August 14, 2015

28. Fake accounts

A fake account can be identify in many ways. Check photos. Is they are about the person? Why people create
1. Test out social networks
2.For harmless fun
3. Facebook
4.To post post political content
5. To insult someone
6. To commit a cybercrime
7. To steal someone's identity
8. To manipulate someone
9. To start a romantic relationship marketing
10. To make new friends
They may pretend themselves to be friends most probably because of your money, goods and property.
The impostor may be setting you up to steal your identity or valuable information from you that they can use to manipulate someone else.

Don't talk to strangers.
Think twice before you accepting friend requests from people you don't know or connected to you through legitimate, verifiable means.

Some people like fun of meeting new people
Ask them questions: Why you want to be my friend?
How did you find about me?
If you have mutual friends ask them about the person.

Do a little detective work.
Read their profile carefully - About , School, Job, and whether they are matching.
What type of content is he/she posting or liking?
Check profile pictures. It will tell about their attitude and beliefs.
Search the profile picture on google, Download and upload it to google image search. You will find if it’s someone else’s.

Search their name on google to see what is returned.
If they have a common name, add other information such as their location, approximate age, or any other information you can glean from their profile.
Have they been tagged? A real person is generally tagged here and there as part of the Facebook sharing experiences by their friends.

Check out their friends in order to whether  they are global or local? If  more local, the more likely  be real. If they have more global friends,  with very few or no local friends, it is advisable to suspect them.

People pretend to be  young women, will often contact you with a line like "I saw your picture and you looked nice."

Block the request. If you don't have a good feeling about somebody, there's a simple solution: don't just turn down the request for friendship, block them completely.

Click on their Facebook name, and go to their Timeline. On the right, under the Cover Photo, click on the Message settings:
You can block them from contacting you, or report them to Facebook if you feel they are a threat or involved in illicit or illegal activities.

Friends of friends
Some people request  to become friends for common interests like music, sports and dancing etc. Create a "probationary period." and watch what they post and share. Don’t reveal your  personal information or chat too much with them.
Unfriend if you don’t like the person. If you hardly know this person, they should be taking things slowly and politely, not invading your space immediately.

Beware interconnected faking.
There are increasing cases of one person running numerous fake Facebook accounts, pretending to be an array of different people, all vouching for one another and all trying to be friends with someone real!
An excellent example is the case of Natalia Burgess, who wove a web of deceit and caused many young males to fall for her various aliases — all because she felt inadequately loved.
Sadly, impostors of this sort go to incredible lengths to create an array of fake accounts including other social media accounts and websites to give the impression that their fake personas are "real".

Look for and record inconsistencies
If  adults is pretend to be  teens, they may refer to a historic event or person that teens don` t really know much about. Or they may prove to know way too much about a topic that someone they're claiming to be that they are not. Take note of what the suspicious person says, as everyone slips up! No one is perfect, and they're bound to eventually say something that will give you a hint that your hunch is correct.

Sometimes the fakers love to play with the life and feelings of someone else;
When someone declares they love you online.  suddenly, Too weird, Too freaky, A little bit icky.un trust those feelings and delete this fake friend from your account.
If they ask you for sexy pictures, immediately be suspicious.
If you're suspicious, unsure, or uncomfortable with having them as part of your Facebook friends, unfriend them before they create a problems.

Be careful what you put online and what you tell people you don't really know.
Some people act very caring until they have enough information about you and then they turn around and blackmail you with it.
If you don't know the person, no matter how friendly you've become in the online context, keep back your private details and keep everything very general.

Look for evidence of offline interaction with their Facebook friends. However, keep in mind that this can be faked if they're running multiple Facebook accounts.

Check any links they've provided to personal websites, social media pages, etc., to help you to see if things add up.

Young people are the most vulnerable to building online relationships with people who don't exist. They fall in love with an image of the perfect person and the faker is happy to oblige for their own gratification or other reasons. 

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