Saturday, August 15, 2015

62. Earn money at home scams

Internet offers home-based work to users. They could be online add clicking, photo sorting, envelope-stuffing etc

The ads could be like
Be a part fastest growing internet business.
Be your own boss.
Earn thousands of dollars every month from your own home.

The ads don’t say much about the job. They will ask you to register free or by by paying a small fee.
Once you register, they will offer you a home based work pack for a fee. You wll order and receive it.
And there wont be any jobs after that.

Legitimate home-based work promoters give you all information in writing – exactly what’s involved in the program they’re selling. Before you commit any money payment


What tasks will you have to do?
How will you get paid and when ?
Who will pay you?
When will you get your first paycheck; how much will it be?
How much will you have to pay for the program registration?
What will you get for the fees you have to pay?
Verify all information you get from the promoter with current workers.
Try to visit them in person.
Find out wheather they are telling the truth.

A person started a course "1000 ways to make money from internet?" where users have to buy a book on  internet business. The book had basic information  on how to create web and some other stuff evey one knows. When asked the person why not you make money, he replied "this book is the 1st way"

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