Saturday, August 15, 2015

52. When you are buying online

Safety Tips
If it’s too good to be true…Compare the price you’re seeing with similar goods being sold elsewhere. If the price is significantly different, use caution - make sure to research the seller and ask questions about the condition of the item. some sites sell counterfeit products  using similar images or domain name incorporating the higher brand.

Do a web search for reviews from other buyers with experience with the seller. Check the site’s WhoIs record to find  who owns the domain.

Use a payment method with buyer protections: Paypal gives best buyer protection
Read the fine print: Before you purchase, find shipping, warranty, and return policy.

Keep a record of the transaction: They can help you if you do need to make a return or contest unauthorized charges made to your account.

Avoid hacked sites and keep an eye on the browser’s address bar. If you click on a link and get instantly redirected, that site may have been hacked and contain malware. Always keeping an eye on the address bar to ensure the link you click in right domain.

Type sensitive web addresses into your browser's address bar: Don’t navigate to sensitive accounts by clicking a link or copying and pasting the address. Hackers create similar sites with similar domain.

In singapore I bought a phone looking android and gooqle as brand name. It was cheap and poor quality. They fooled me replacing g with a q in google and I bought the phone in the night.

Avoid entering personal information on suspicious sites and doing financial transactions on public computers.
Avoid logging into accounts that contain sensitive financial information from public or friends computer or mobile phone.

Only send personal information over secure connections: Look for the https:// connection in the address bar.When entering sensitive information like credit card data, make sure the web secure certificate is valid.

The website name will show up as green in the URL bar.

Make sure you got what you paid for: Once you’ve received the paid item, give it a quick check make sure everything is as it should be. If anything is wrong contact seller and try to resolve positively, failing, report to your company or paypal.

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