Saturday, August 15, 2015

48. Secure your passwords

Always pick strong passwords to secure your google account. Use a unique password for each of your important accounts like email and online banking.
Keep your passwords in a secret place. Use a long password made up of numbers, letters and symbols

Try using a phrase that only you know
Shirani and Roshani are funny friends in my class from grade 1 to 12. can create “SRffims112” is a good password with lots of variations.
Remeber to set up your password recovery options in google account giving your other email and mobile number.

Always Sign out from Google, when you are not using it Gmail, YouTube or any other service.
Keeping you signed in can improve your search results. But when using public computers like in a cybercafe or library remember to sign out by clicking on your account photo or email address in the top right corner and selecting Sign out.

You can create multiple online accounts for your personal, community and business needs. You can forward several emails to one account. Your informaytion in one account is not combined with any other Google Account. If you deside, You can link those accounts together.

You can toggle between your Google Accounts easily and quickly, both on desktop and on mobile.Once you have set up a primary account, you can easily add other accounts.

Lock your screen or device with a password when you are not using them.
In your device select settings, Personel and Screen security  touch Screen lock. If you’ve already set a lock, you’ll need to enter the pattern, PIN, or password before you can choose a different lock, Touch the screen lock and select options.

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