Saturday, August 15, 2015

37. Facebook Search , Likes and Comments

Fb Search : You can change  what other people will find when they search for me?

Likes and Comments : You can set who can see my likes and comments on other people's’ posts.

If you want to see posts from certain people, add them to your Close Friends list.
You can even choose to get a notification every time they post.

Posts from Pages you like may appear in your News Feed

If you’re not interested in posts from a certain friend or Page, you can unfollow them
to stop seeing their posts on your news feed.

People and Pages you unfollow won’t be notified. You can start following them again at any time.
To unfollow, click Following in the lower right corner of their cover photo.

Everyone’s News Feed is different because it’s based on your own activity on Facebook.

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