Friday, August 14, 2015

07. Who are cyber stalkers?

Cyber stalkers can hide their identities when contacting their victims. It can be a simple harassment later grow into physical assaults, stabbings, murder and suicide. When people can't identify anonymous stalkers, police may be hesitant to respond.

Authorities may assume online predators and victims will never meet and ask to ignore. to minimize reports. The case become severe when Cyber stalkers learn target's true identity, location and life routines. Cyber stalkers can use cyberspace to publicly compound a target's distress. Cyber stalkers may create their profiles to look real and innocent.

Most cyber harassment cases reported are from young girls. The predators are mostly someone they know at school, class or community. Refusal to fall in love has been a major reason why many girls have been harassed. It could be a complete stranger after your wealth or ruin your reputation in society. Hence you need to take action immediately something starting.

Most girls keep their online issues from parents and teachers thinking their previlage to use internet would be withdrawn. They may fear telling authorities who would find what they chatted.

Cyber stalkers are people like everyone else. They are frustrated and find entertainment through harassment. Most young people involved in cyber harassment are unaware of consequences of their acts. They operate alone or as small groups and think it’s a fun.

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