Friday, August 14, 2015

03. What is Cyber Harassment ?

Cyber Harassment: Cyber harassment is the use of information and communications technology (ICT) to harass, control, manipulate or habitually disparage a child, adult, business or group without a credible or implied threat of harm. This is very common among young people.

Cyber bullying and cyber harassment are sometimes used interchangeably, but cyber bullying is used for electronic harassment or bullying among minors. It may involve verbal harassment, physical assault, coercion, intimidation, humiliation and taunting causing emotional, social, verbal and physical abuse.

While bullying itself is difficult to prevent, cyber bullying is much harder. It starts online and moves offline, or starts offline and moves online or starts and stays online.  It happens during the school and from home.There is no one answer to Cyber Harassment.  There is a need for students to understand graveness of the problem and what it can cause both victims , predators and overall society. There are many ways to handle this problem, piece by piece.  The first step is to learn about cyber harassment to prevent it around you.

Digital Technology has helped to improve our communications, education and how we work. At the same time it has put our young people at a risk. How can we balance the good and bad better? How can we teach digital literacy and online privacy to young people, adults and caregivers? That's the challenge we have faced.

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