Saturday, August 15, 2015

60. They will steal your email password

Niranjan Received following e-mail

Subject: Password Verification
Dear Niranjan,
Mygmail is in the process de-activating inactive accounts.
Please visit this link and confirm your user ID and password to continue  using account. verify user  users’ password due to system
account upgrade. Please click on following link to confirm
<a linkhere>
Best Regards
Mygamil Admin

What niranjan thought was that he is going to loose his email. Without thinking he clicked the link and entered his user id and password. In few munites, a predator hacked into his email account.

What should you do?

• Do not reply to this e–mail
• Do not forward it to any one
• Inform “mygmail” about this matter
• Inform authorities about this matter

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