Friday, August 14, 2015

19. Examples of cyberbullying

Three-way calling attack When two people call one person but the third person doesn’t know the second person is on the phone.

Forwarding a private email message or digital photos only intended for select recipient(s)

Sending inappropriate pictures Sending pornography and degrading or humiliating pictures of the victim which were taken when the victim was unaware

Text attacks Sending hateful or threatening messages, death threats, warnings, insulting remarks, racial slurs, gossip and rumor spreading etc.

Hacking into accounts The predator hacks into victim's account and pretending to be the victim, changing victim’s profile, locking them out, sending viruses and spyware or junk emails Students sharing one another's smart phones and computers sometimes leaving without loging out are vulnerable to this threat.

Anonymous Blogs A student might create an anonymous blog and post content to damaging others’ reputation, invading privacy, humiliate and insult. They may post rumors, harassing comments, videos. One incident we found was a former boy friend creating a fake profile of his girl friend and posting photos they had taken before breakup. Since it’s hard to locate the source, best is to report to social network of the content and profile. In worst cases require reporting to authorities for legal action.

In 2006, Late Professor V..K . Samaranayake, known as father of computing in Sri Lanka was attacked by a group using anonymous blog. He died of a heart attack several days later. The blog disappeared but the damage was done.

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