Friday, August 14, 2015

24. How to eliminate cyber harassment?

Create an education environment that is aware of cyber bulling.
Encouraging students, teachers, parents and community members to discuss cyber
harassment and to report it when they become aware of it.
Widely publicizing anti-harassment statements and procedures for handling complaints. It makes students aware of consequences of such behavior,
Taking effective and appropriate action on complaints made.
Counseling both the predator and victim to bring a resolution.
Implementing monitoring programs and following  up on resolved issues.
Monitor and track bullying behaviors at early stages of schooling.
Notify parents when bullying occurs.
Educating students on how to be smart online and texting.
Educating students on privacy settings on social network accounts.
Educating  parents on how to help their child to be smart online communication, activities and making aware of sites that they visit.
Closely monitor students’ usage of the computers at school

Supporting  the bullied child to regain self-control with the help of school counselor.
When inquiring never ask what happened in front of the bully. When a issue get known by others in the class, bring out a discussion of how they feel in such a situation and how they intervene to help next time. Make sure that there is no retaliation after the problem is solved.

Not all bullying situations will require formal consequences.A simple warning may be all that is necessary. The second incident needs an official inquiry hence it can develop into a contnues behavior•  Remember a large percentage of bullying starts in the classroom and goes online. Hence be vigilant in receptive bullying behaviors.

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