Saturday, August 15, 2015

46. Google Talk & Circles

Google Talk
Use chats off the record mode in your contact’s Gmail chat history.

Google+ Circles
Google+ circles help you manage your friends and contacts. You can put your friends in one circle, your family in another just like real life and share relevant content with the right people.

Unlisted and private videos on YouTube
You can choose unlisted or private option when you upload your video.

Google Dashboard
The Google Dashboard shows you what’s stored in your Google Account. From one central location, you can easily view and update your settings for services such as Blogger, Calendar, Docs, Gmail, Google+ etc

Me on the Web

Me on the Web help you manage what people see when they search for you on Google. It helps you set up Google Alerts so you can monitor if information about you appears online, and it automatically suggests some search terms you may want to keep an eye on.

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