Friday, August 14, 2015

13. You have privacy rights

Globally common laws recognize your privacy Intrusion on seclusion - someone interrupt your physical privacy False light - Publishing true facts combined in a false manner

Information Privacy - Public disclosure of private facts Right of publicity  - Commercial use of name or image without authorization.

impersonation  - Someone acting as another person

Privacy and Data Protection - Everyone has right to protect their personal information, online and offline with control over who you would share them.

Information collected about you online falls into three types: 1. Your real name, address, phone number, Work place 2. These personally identifiable information which can be traced back to you.

3. Generic information such as gender, age, state or town you live profile information which is your online identity, but doesn't disclose who you are in real life.

You need to carefully consider with whom you are sharing this information. Social networks like facebook and G+ has privacy controls you can use.

Facebook Privacy Control 
Google Privacy Control

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