Sunday, November 13, 2016

How to Identify Scholarship Scams

1. Application Fee: 

Scholarship scams are used by organizations that charge fees for availing procedures or application submissions that can be undertaken free of cost. Never pay for scholarship application fees.
2. Guaranteed Scholarship Award:

 Scams that guarantee an award- Now this trap can be tempting to an aspiring student. Nobody can guarantee a scholarship. If you are worthy and your concerns are true you will certainly get it. Don't get into the trap called 'Scholarship guarantee'. No such thing exists.
3. You "Win" a Scholarship that You Never Applied:

 Scholarships scams will contact college students informing them that they have won full college scholarship. You cannot win a scholarship if you have never for applied for it.
4. Free Scholarship Scams:
Nothing in life comes easily. There is no such thing like Free Scholarship. Scholarship is generally given to students with high quality academic record. Simply money does not grow on three.
5. Request for Personal Information:

Some scams ask for your personal details, such as bank statement, date of birth, passwords, account numbers, social security number etc. Never share your personal information with anyone online. Your identity might get cloned.

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